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Shiny Digest #42 – 27th September 2022

In this issue – Universal’s Hunt, the CFTC’s Hunt, Cool Cats New Hunter, and More

Welcome to the 42nd edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny Discord, and recaps from the live-events.

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Shiny Announcements

Reminder: the Shiny Retreat is this week! Check out the details here.


Web3 News

  • Universal announced that they are launching a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt through NFTs. Slowly, but surely, every company will be experimenting with NFTs one way or another.
  • There continues to be crackdown against the crypto space, as the CFTC (The Commodity Futures Trading Commission) tried to sue all members that participated in governance of Ooki DAO, stating that it’s an unincorporated association and that all individuals are responsible. If this actually happens, this could be precedent-setting and would be damaging for anyone wanting to participate in DAOs in the future.
  • Cool Cats has finally named a new CEO, Stephen Teglas, who worked at big brands such as Disney, Warner Bros, and most recently Recur (responsible for the Hello Kitty NFTs). Will be exciting to see if Stephen will be able to ride the ship back to their former glory.
  • Opensea, the NFT marketplace, announced that they now launched on Arbitrum, a L2 rollup of Ethereum.
  • Disney is looking for a transaction lawyer to help them with their “aggressive” nft and defi plans. Could it be that the company is looking to acquire an nft project?


Thoughtful Discussions

  • @rahuldotiyer shared a thread where a couple of Stanford researchers designed a way to support reversible transactions on Ethereum.

    Looking at the replies, most people seem excited about this proposal, but some Shiny members do not like this idea. @JonathaNFA and @rahuldotiyer believe that having your assets up for judgment is a dangerous precedent to set for the space.

    @Mark0 also does not believe there is truly a way to “decentralized court of judges.” What are your thoughts? Feel free to join the discussion in the Shiny Discord.


Readings & Resources

  • @Dwayne “The Jock” Ronson shared an article written by Nat Eliason on why we should be excited by Bitcoin Lightning.
  • Vitalik published an essay arguing why people shouldn’t think of DAOs like corporations and focuses on three different situations where decentralization is important.
  • @LocalTourist shared a thread highlighting 5 lessons on governance from Krause House DAO.
  • @AwisemaninNotion shares a thread compiled by Dework on how DAOs can leverage their community to get stuff done.


Member Updates

Each week we highlight our members. For example, @tommy from Tally has been publishing a weekly newsletter and podcast every week and just launched their 17th episode!

We also want to highlight you! In the Shiny Discord, make sure to tag @LocalTourist and @ahs with updates worth sharing.


Work in Web3

Jobs? We got jobs. LocalTourist curates the best opportunities each week. Find all the job opportunities here.

Highlights this week:

  • Naval – SwiftUI Engineer
  • The Graph Protocol – Core Devs
  • B2B SaaS platform – Bubble / Low-Code Developer
  • The WorkFlows Newsletter – 5 Bubble Dev Jobs


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