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Shiny Digest #40 – 12th September 2022

In this issue – LeBron’s Beard, Coopah’s Fund, Danny’s Tattoo and much more

Welcome to the 40th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny Discord, and recaps from the live-events.

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Shiny Announcements

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Web3 News

  • RTFKT, the company behind Clone X, recently changed the traits (and meta-data) of one of their Clone X NFTs to make a custom “LeBron” Clone X. Although they haven’t spoken on it yet, it’s clear that it’s for LeBron, as one of the newly changed traits now says “LeBron’s Beard.”
  • Coopahtroopa announced Coop Records Fund 1, a $10M early-stage fund dedicated to investing in web3 music.


Thoughtful Discussions

  • This discussion comes up pretty often, but it’s important to re-iterate that building products in web3, just for the sake of it, will lead nowhere. You can’t just take a web2 product, slap on the word “blockchain” or “nft” and magically think it’ll work *better*.

    This is a sentiment that others in the discord have echoed, such as @Practical Principles saying “how exactly is this better than using a Shopify store to do this?” @whoismoses.eth also chimed in saying that although he’s the blockchain guy at work, he often needs to talk them out of using blockchain because it’s not necessary.

    You can follow along the convo here.


Readings & Resources

  • @Practical Principles created a thread on writing web3 copy.
  • @Dwayne “The Jock” Ronson shared an incredible piece exploring “power” as a concept and how it manifests in DAOs.


Member Updates

Here’s the w​eekly roundup of Shiny members news and milestones from this week, curated by @LocalTourist. Highlights include:

  • @nocodelife has made a new SaaS side-project that makes it easier for creators to ship courses and share knowledge
  • @Dith made a cool no-code tool that helps people unify their ens with the rest of their digital identity.
  • @Ian ✦ᴗ✦launched his Genuine Undead Toadz NFT collection.
  • @Danny P has launched a new product that allows anyone to generate tattoo ideas with the help of AI.


Work in Web3

Jobs? We got jobs. LocalTourist curates the best opportunities each week. Find all the job opportunities here. Highlights include:

  • Aurora Labs – Dev Rel
  • UMA Protocol – Technical Sales
  • Morpho Labs – Marketing, Engineering, Research
  • YAP Global – PR Account Executives


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