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Shiny Digest #39 – 5th September 2022

In this issue – Retreat Tickets, NFT Tickets, Proof Raise, Free to Own and more

Welcome to the 39th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny Discord, and recaps from the live-events.

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Shiny Announcements

The Shiny Retreat booking page is LIVE

You can finally book tickets to for the retreat happening in Mallorca!! You can learn more about the event here, and we hope to see as many of you as possible!


Web3 News

  • When first hearing about blockchain technology, one of the use-cases that I thought was a no-brainer was using it for ticketing systems. Well, this has finally come to fruition as MGM Resort launched its first NFT-Ticketed event with Jabbawockeez, one of the world’s most popular dance crews.
  • Continuing in the nft-ticketing theme, Ticketmaster announced they will be using Flow, Dapper Labs’ blockchain, for their NFT tickets.
  • During “Future Proof”, Proof’s big announcement day, Kevin Rose announced that they raised a $50M Series A round led by a16z and also including investors such as GaryVee and 776 (Alexis Ohanian’s new crypto fund). Although the floor price did not moon after all the announcements, the team has raised enough money to have leeway for several years and can truly concentrate on building innovative products and delivering value back to holders.


Thoughtful Discussions

  • Gabriel Leydon, the founder of DigiDaigaku has become the main character on NFT Twitter this week. DigiDaigaku, originally a free mint, soared to upwards of 16ETH after announcing their 200M raise led by Paradigm, Josh Buckley and Standard Crypto. Gabriel declared that “Free-to-own” was the best way of building a game (basically a free mint), instead of making users pay for their mints and then not being able to make the game they were supposed to deliver (looking at you Pixelmon).

    This obviously caught the attention of various influencers and instead of trying to have a reasonable debate, Gabe just started attacking anyone who disagreed with him. Although some may see it as stupid, others such as @Dith believe it’s a genius marketing move as he’s just capturing everyone’s attention and bringing more eyes on him and consequently DigiDaigaku.

    You can find the start of the Discord convo here.


Readings & Resources

  • @Practical Principles created a Twitter thread on marketing for DAOs.
  • @yohei wrote a mega-thread, giving an overview of the AI tools that are available (and coming soon) – for both text and images.


Member Updates

Here’s the w​eekly roundup of Shiny members’ news and milestones from this week, curated by @LocalTourist. Highlights include:

  • @chrismaddern’s Floor have partnered with Proof, Kevin Rose’s company.
  • @Sub created a new website, to help people using Sudoswap to get royalties to creators.
  • @trist has released his Webflow Designer Dashboard.


Work in Web3

Jobs? We got jobs! LocalTourist curates the best opportunities each week. Find all the job opportunities here. Highlights include:

  • Fuel Labs – Engineers, UX, Writers
  • Delphi Digital – Coders, Analysts
  • – Bug Bounties
  • PleasrDAO – Head Of Marketing


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