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Gigs & Jobs Roundup – 5th September 2022

PleasrDAO, Uniswap, LinksDAO and RabbitHole are recruiting, are offering bounties, plus many other jobs for devs, analysts, writers, and more. Here’s this week’s summary of the gigs and jobs we featured in the Shiny Discord.

Fuel Labs – Engineers, UX, Writers

Modular execution layer builders, Fuel Labs, are recruiting talent in engineering, UX, content and more –


Delphi Digital – Coders, Analysts

Crypto researchers and publishers, Delphi Digital, are hiring a Data Scientist – – Bug Bounties

With the merge approaching, the Ethereum Foundation are offering bounties of up to $250k for finding bugs – – Product Manager

Native zkEVM creators,, are looking for a Product Manager with experience in infra –


Worldcoin – Talent Coordinator

The team from “Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Personhood Protocol” Worldcoin are hiring a Talent Coordinator for their recruiting department –


The Work Flows – Builders

Lee Launches is sharing jobs for Bubble creators/freelancers, via his Work Flow newsletter –


PleasrDAO – Head Of Marketing

Web3 innovators, PleasrDAO, are looking for someone to lead their marketing initiatives –


Reservoir – Devs, Dev Rel, Data Analysts

NFT liquidity protocol, Reservoir, is looking to fill several roles in Development, QA, Developer Relations, and Data Analysis –


Developer DAO – Content Creators

Developer DAO are launching Season 1 of their web3 education initiative D_D Academy, and looking for content creators –


Clockwork – Multiple Jobs

Solana automation network, Clockwork, have raised £4 million in seed funding and are hiring for multiple roles –


Chapter One – New Job Board

Full stack crypto fund, Chapter One, have launched a new job board, featuring opportunities at their portfolio companies –


Sarcophagus DAO – Creator Bounties

Sarcophagus, a “decentralized dead man’s switch application built on Ethereum and Arweave” has issued bounties for the creation of blog-posts and infographics –


Autonomy Network – UI/UX Designer

Multi-chain smart contract protocol, Autonomy, is hiring a Product Designer / Graphic Designer –


Silo Finance – Bug Bounty Program

Non-custodial lending protocol, Silo, are offering up to $100k per bug found, via Immunefi –


Softr – Head Of Finance

Cristina Cordova shared some positions available from her angel investment portfolio, including Head of Finance at Softr, which is a popular nocode platform for the builders at Shiny –


RabbitHole – Technical Lead

Brian Flynn, CEO of crypto education platform, RabbitHole, is looking for a Technical Lead to help them deliver their strategy –


6th Man Ventures – Interns

Early stage crypto VC firm, 6th Man Ventures, are looking for interns to become Emerging Investors in their team –


Framework – Web3 Salary Comparison

Crypto venture firm, Framework Ventures, has published a great round-up of the levels and types of compensation being offered by web3 companies –


Uniswap – Customer Support Specialist

Uniswap Labs, who contribute to the Uniswap protocol for trading and liquidity provision on Ethereum, are hiring for a Customer Support person –


DAOpunks – New Job Board

DAOpunks have created a new job board that is “Curating jobs to help your journey into Crypto, Web3, and DAOs.” –


SquiggleDAO – Community Manager, Writer, Product Manager

On-chain generative-art creators, SquiggleDAO, are hiring a Community Manager, Senior Product Manager, and freelance writer –


Jump Jobs – New Marketing Job Board

JUMP is a web3 community for marketers and advertising professionals. They’re soon to launch a new job board, specialising in web3 marketing talent –


Limit Break – Multiple Roles

Limit Break have stirred-up the NFT market with their Free-to-Own model for web3 games. Their founder, Gabriel Leydon, posted that they’re recruiting –


Early Stage Startup – Community Manager

Rachel from xCollective is looking for a Community Manager for an early-stage startup company –


LinksDAO – VP Engineering

LinksDAO are creating a worldwide golf and leisure club, built on web3 foundations. They’re seeking a VP of Engineering –


Farcaster – Staff-Level Engineer

Decentralized social network, Farcaster, is looking for an engineer with an interest in web3 UX –


Ethereum Foundation – Core Devs Program

The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship is open, offering a fast track for developers who want to work on Ethereum –


Bankless Job Board – Discounts

And, if you are hiring in web3, the Bankless Job Board is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience. They’re currently offering a discount for multiple ads –


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