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Gigs & Jobs Roundup – 12th September 2022

FloorNFTs are looking for engineers, and other companies have vacancies in Bubble dev, marketing, PR, and sales. Here’s this week’s summary of the gigs and jobs we featured in the Shiny Discord.

Aurora Labs – Dev Rel

Ethereum bridge makers, Aurora, are hiring a Developer Relations specialist –


UMA Protocol – Technical Sales

UMA is an Optimistic Oracle for Web3. They’re looking for a Technical Salesperson –


Morpho Labs – Marketing, Engineering, Research

Morpho Labs is an R&D company contributing to an algorithm to create efficient lending and borrowing services. They have positions available for a Content Marketer, Full Stack Engineer, and Research Analyst –


Shield DAO – Bug Bounty

Shield describes itself as a “perpetual options and next-generation yields booster”. They’re offering bug bounties of up to $30,000, via Immunefi –


YAP Global – PR Account Executives

Crypto PR specialists, YAP Global, are hiring Senior Account Executives in the UK, US and Singapore –


Defi Founding Team – Bubble Dev

Nocode web3 specialists, Stack3, are featuring an opportunity for a Bubble Developer to join the founding team of a new Defi startup –


Mazury Talent – Web3 Recruitment

A new web3 recruitment agency, Mazury Talent, launched in beta recently –


Remote-Work Jobs – Top 10 in Demand

If you’re looking for a remote-work, or work-from-anywhere job, CNBC has a roundup of the ten types of job that are most in demand –


Floor NFTs – Platform Engineer and iOS Engineer

Floor NFT app, led by SOSC member, Chris Maddern, is hiring for a Platform Engineer and iOS Engineer in New York –


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