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Builders & Creators – 8th September 2022

AI tattoos and Undead Toadz, Happy Birthdays and NFT trading tools… Here’s this week’s roundup of Shiny members’ activity.

Dark Mode Activated

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference – two weeks after launching his ProsperCircle NFT analytics platform, @salil has implemented dark-mode, to the delight of his growing band of fans –


AI Mega-Thread

@yohei has been experimenting with AI assistants to help his VC business and their clients. He’s written a mega-thread on Twitter that rounds-up all his tests and learnings so far –


Webflow Designer Dashboard

Webflow expert @trist has released a resource to help new and experienced designers to build their sites more efficiently –


RTFKT Special Episode

Lots of buzz around the RTFKT NFT project recently. @Kallaway and the Sunday:Drip team produced a special episode of their podcast to roundup everything you need to know –


Community Building Software

@shane and his team have been busily, but quietly, building their solution for web3 community-building. This week are sharing more details on the software they’re building –


One Year Old And Going Strong

3 projects shared their one-year anniversary this week. There was something in the air last September!

@jalil celebrated the anniversary of his Scapes.eth journey beginning –

@string held a first-birthday Twitter Space for Chubbicorns and the Chubbiverse –

And @Pet celebrated one year of his Sporting Crypto newsletter –


Web3 Marketing Distilled

@PracticalPrinciples published another web3 marketing “micro-interview” –


New Course-Creation Platform

@nocodelife has built a new side-project – a platform for creators to turn their knowledge into an income stream –


Web3 Digital ID

@dith has also been building with nocode. He’s created Web3alias, a marketplace for web3 digital identities –


Toadz NFTs Launched

@Ian launched his limited-edition Genuine Undead Toadz NFT collection –


SuperSea Expands Its Reach

@sub announced that the latest version of the SuperSea NFT trading software now works with Gem and Sudoswap, as well as OpenSea –


Watchtower Free For Doodles

@lalley’s Watchtower NFT tracker is running a promotion to give Doodles NFT holders free access for a month –


AI Tattoo Designs

@DannyP has been taking a break from socials, but he’s still been building. Today he announced his new website for AI tattoo designs, and went viral –


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